Which means finding worms at the door of your home (spiritually assigned)

Which means finding worms at the door of your home (spiritually assigned)




Which means finding worms at the door of your 1

Which means finding worms at the door of your house Worms, at first glance, seem to be repulsive animals and even, at some point, negative, but in the spiritual and esoteric world they are but, on the contrary, very beneficial animals.

Even Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, calls the earthworms “intestants of the earth.” These creatures help the decomposition of matter and help disperse the necessary nutrients on the ground and so on the spiritual and esoteric help us. Let's see, then, more about it.


His spiritual meaning

The worm represents, in the spiritual, the renewal. This little creature has a great purpose, since it is the worm or worm, especially that of earth, which creates and renews the soil of Mother Earth. Both her and Earth are rejuvenated with this activity.

Worms or earthworms are found all over the world, not only renew the earth, but also regenerate their bodies. They can recreate the missing parts, either a head or a tail, forming a new organ that replaces the missing one. Native peoples respect these small repentants for their important work with Mother Earth and for their own regeneration power.

The earthworms are considered essential to the Circle of Life. We can learn about renewal, repair, healing, transformation, self-sufficiency (hermaphrodites), regeneration in our lives working with the earthworm, as it has much to share.


His esoteric significance

In the esoteric, these creatures are linked to magic and mystery, while their deep abode on earth marks the creature as a little guardian of earthly treasures. The earthworms are hermaphrodite, making them an emblem of fertility, autonomy and also of choice. Since they have male and female reproductive organs, they themselves determine when to have offspring.

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A reflection of the balance of the worm is when it comes out of the earth when it rains. It is as if, as they leave the dark and protective land, they move to another “plane” to feed. At that time, the worm connects the ground element and the water element without even knowing it. Let's see, then, which means finding worms at the door of your house.

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Which means finding worms at the door of your house

You may be going through a healing period in your own life, which drives you to become a different and better person, or you may also witness a miraculous healing in others.

The meaning of finding worms at the door of your house assures you that, just when you feel you surrender, you will receive your advance. You will experience your rebirth right at the perfect time.

Don't be so in a hurry to reach your destination that you miss significant moments, and don't let yourself be pressured to live your life in a certain way.

Follow the rhythm of your own drum. Follow your heart and do what makes you really happy.


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Dream with worm (in the body, green color, etc.)

Dreaming of worms is very rare, but when this happens, there is a special message for you. Dreams with worms come to make sure a new dawn is coming. You've reached a stage where you want to surrender, but it's not the time to do it. Your longing for progress is around the corner, don't hurry.
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Generally speaking, this dream
He's telling you not to ignore the little details of certain things. It is a symbol that small things can be useful for your growth. Do your best to understand everything around you; it may be the difference, but don't overlook anything.

Dreaming of worms in different activities:

Dreaming of worms in the body: It means that you feel sick, whether physical or spiritually; it is necessary to reflect and look for what is the source of your problem to simmer it.

Dreaming of treading worms A dream like this indirectly indicates that you may be having some attitude problem that can ruin your relationships.

It is a firm proposal to change your attitude towards your colleagues and close friends, or otherwise there may be some mistrust between you and your friends.

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This dream indicates that in some situations, you may have made some tough decisions that affected your relationships with your colleagues. There is nothing wrong with simply apologizing to your colleagues for some mistakes that have happened in the past.

Dreaming of green wormsIt is time to work to see a flourishing of the economy and your home; it is only necessary to take the first step and move forward to achieve the goals.


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Which means finding worms at the door of your home (spiritually assigned)

His spiritual meaningHis esoteric significanceWhich means finding worms at the door of your houseDream with worm (in the body, green color, etc.)






Which means finding worms at the door of your 1
Which means finding worms at the door of your 1

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